What is the Dollar Value of a Tweet?

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NEW YORK, June 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – SumAll, a data visualization analytics tool that links a company’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account to track social activity against web traffic and revenue, revealed the return on Twitter marketing. A single business tweet generates an additional $25.62in revenue, on average, as opposed to not tweeting at all. Polling data from their user base, SumAll also found that a re-tweet falls to an average of $20.37, due to the less-targeted audience from the original. Overall, successfully integrating Twitter into digital marketing efforts increases total revenue by 1-2%.

This figure is notably variable from business to business. Based on SumAll user data, the number of impressions is worth less than a penny, far lower than the impact of direct email campaigns yet a bit higher than an AdWords impression. To put it in perspective, the value of Twitter to business falls between email marketing and pay-for-click digital advertising. Comparatively on the social spectrum, Instagram followers are worth 10 times one on Twitter.

Futhermore, additional insights gathered from SumAll data indicate businesses should not continue tweeting to increase revenue; there is a tipping point. A marked rapid decline in value occurs after the first tweet. To double their return, users would have to generate 6-8 tweets per day; and it’s nearly impossible to triple revenues from tweeting alone.

SumAll provides businesses’ revenue, social, web analytics, direct e-mail marketing, and organic web traffic in one SaaS environment, on a single dashboard. “It’s all about having access to all your data side-by-side so marketers can see what channels are really driving your business in real time,” says Dane Atkinson, SumAll’s CEO. “Our tool makes it easy for users to see if their social traffic converts to new customers and new revenue by tracking data interactions, which they can then use to make more profitable decisions.”

The Loop Loft, a SumAll user, who has more than 4,400 followers and has reached upwards of 40,000 people by way of tweeting, estimates that each tweet on the social network was worth $29.34 and each re-tweet valued at $26.19, slightly higher than the average overall. “We can cross reference customer traffic from Google Analytics and engagement activity on Twitter and gross receipts for a host of valuable insights that it doesn’t take a PHD to understand,” noted Ryan Gruss, Founder of The Loop Loft.

Compared to other social media streams, Twitter is more impactful for this particular business. With a relatively strong YouTube following, and over 43,000 views already in 2013, The Loop Loft has a social reach from Twitter that is 10 times that of its YouTube channel. These types of insights provide businesses with decision-making prowess for future customer acquisition. Each social platform will work differently for each company based on its industry, product and marketing tactic, making the understanding of which specific digital marketing efforts drive results even more valuable.

SumAll’s free social metrics tool automatically combines a full social history, updated in real-time with numerous other platforms. Recent integrations with FourSquare, Tumblr, SEOMoz, and YouTube complete the marketing picture with deeper coverage of social channels as well as organic traffic. Through the data dashboard, companies can integrate any number of data sources including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Big Commerce and Google Adwords into one intuitive, interactive chart. View SumAll on your Web browser, tablet or mobile phone.



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