Tulare County’s Water Conservation Saves Millions of Gallons

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TULARE – Tulare County is doing its part to save water during California’s historic drought by turning off sprinklers, focusing on planting drought resistant plants, and seeking ways to improve irrigation efficiency at its parks and grounds.

Officials with the Tulare County Parks & Grounds division reported at Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting that since the water reduction measures were implemented in December 2013 more than 125 acre feet, or 40 million gallons, has been saved.

“Tulare County will continue to lead the way when it comes to water conservation measures,” said Phil Cox, chairman of the board of supervisors. “A gallon saved by the county is a gallon that could be used by our agriculture community, which is the lifeblood of our economy.”

Tulare County Parks & Grounds Manager Neil Pilegard said irrigation at county parks and grounds – totaling 450 acres – has been reduced by 50 percent.

“We ask the public to bear with us as the grounds at our favorite parks go brown,” Pilegard said. “We would also encourage residents to reduce their irrigation as well as we fight to conserve water.”

Pilegard said that while county parks are going brown, it will grow back during better water years because the grass is the Bermuda variety, which grows back easily.

In addition, the county will seek grant opportunities to renovate outdated and inefficient irrigation systems and continue to implement water saving landscapes at various sites.

Pilegard said signs will also be installed at county parks to educate the public about the water saving measures being implemented.

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