Measure G Update Expected this Afternoon

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FRESNO – Even though the special election took place Tuesday, the results are still unclear as to whether Measure G, which would outsource Fresno’s residential solid waste collection to local company Mid-Valley Disposal, has passed.

Proponents of the measure tout that it would increase revenue in the City of Fresno by $2.5 million, helping balance its budget, and would protect the employment of City workers, including police officers and firefighters.  It would also decrease trash rates by 17.6 percent.

Others are concerned that risks would include binding the City into an 8-year contract that could not be modified, and that significant lawsuits could be filed against the City.  They also say other trash pick-up companies would be forced to shut their doors.

Yes on G spokesman Tim Clark said there had been an attempt yesterday morning at the County clerk’s office to halt the ballot counting, due to alleged signature mismatches made during the voting process, but that attempt was denied.

“Our volunteers witnessed hundreds of ballots verified as ‘valid’ despite substantial mismatches on the signatures,” Clark said.  ”When these mismatches were brought to the attention of the staff, we were instructed that there would be no challenge allowed.”

Two of the staunchest supporters of Measure G have been Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin and Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, who has recently come under fire from officials from the Fresno Police Officers’ Association due to his support.

Rather than the outsourcing, to keep the City workers employed the association instead would have a pricy contract extension as well a public safety tax.  In  a recent statement in support of Dyer, Swearengin had called the attacks “laughable.”

“They are clearly looking out for their own interests,” Swearengin had said.

As of Thursday, the measure was ahead slightly, by under a few hundred votes.  An update from the Fresno County clerk on the ballot situation is expected to be issued at 3 p.m. today.



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