Local Businesses Getting Certified for High-Speed Rail

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FRESNO, Calif. – Roughly 75 small and disadvantaged businesses interested in participating in the nation’s first high-speed rail project are getting certified today and tomorrow through workshops being held at the UC Merced Small Business Development Center.

Construction on the first segment, which is scheduled to run from Ave. 17 in Madera to American Ave. in Fresno, is expected to begin next year.  Ed Dunkel of Precision Civil Engineering and immediate past chair of the Economic Development Corporation serving Fresno County, said it is important for local businesses to get certified so that it can have an affect on our local economy.

“It’s moving forward and it’s going to be a big boon to our economy, and a long time coming,” Dunkel said.  “There’s a couple of hurdles to go through, but for the most part we’re getting there, and overall it will be a great project for our area.”

Dunkel said the first segment will cost $1.5 billion to construct, and the work will have a local economic impact of seven times that amount.  Once that stretch of track is built, a train station will be located in downtown Fresno, and ancillary businesses will pop up to support it.  There is also the possibility of a heavy maintenance facility for high-speed rail to be located in Fresno, which promises up to 2,300 more jobs.

“This could be huge in all sectors for Fresno and the surrounding areas,” Dunkel said.

For more information on the free certification workshops being held at the UC Merced Small Business Development Center, visit www.fresnoedc.com.

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