General Vang Pao Statue Unveiled at Fresno Fairgrounds

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FRESNO – Months of hard work paid off Friday morning when Monster City Studios officials, along with members of the Hmong community, unveiled a life-size statue of Hmong hero and leader General Vang Pao during the Hmong International New Year celebration at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

Monster City Studios had been commissioned by the Hmong community to create the statue for placement at the Fresno Fairgrounds.

“We wanted this to turn out right, because he’s a very honored man in their community, and even people involved with the United States during the Vietnam War knew who he was,” said Richard Deaver, president of Monster City Studios.  “So it was an honor for us to be involved in this project.”

The statue stands at six feet tall (in a sitting position) and weighs more than 2,000 pounds.  It is made from cast concrete, and was created from a photograph taken of Pao during the Vietnam War period.  Pao was a lieutenant general in the Royal Lao Army, was considered a leader and hero by Hmong across the nation, and noted for his military accomplishments, particularly in the Vietnam War.  Pao passed away in Clovis on Jan. 6, 2011, and traditional Hmong services were held in his memory at the Fresno Convention Center afterward.



The design process for the statue lasted several months, after which the actual sculpting on the concrete statue began.

“It’s more than just a commission, it actually means a lot,” said Ben Deutscher, a designer with Monster City Studios.

The statue of General Vang Pao is not the first project from Monster City Studios to grace the Fresno Fairgrounds.  It also helped breathe into life such exhibits as Blue Moon Yosemite Station, The Meyers Water & Wildlife Tree, and the new Reptile House.

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