Fresno State Faculty Members Named Coleman Fellows

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FRESNO —Two Fresno State faculty members, Dr. The Nguyen and Dr. Fariborz M. Tehrani, both of the Lyles School of Engineering, were selected to be Coleman Fellows for Fresno State by the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Coleman Foundation.

Nguyen is currently assistant professor for the Mechanical Engineering Department and will be teaching a course on engineering product design. Tehrani is an assistant professor for the Civil Engineering Department and will teach civil engineering practice and entrepreneurship.

With the partnership of the Lyles Center and professors like Nguyen and Tehrani from interdisciplinary courses, students will now be able to take courses under the Lyles College of Engineering that integrate entrepreneurship in an innovative way with their existing major.

“I’m very pleased that professors Nguyen and Tehrani have joined our group of 20 Coleman Fellows, each of who teaches entrepreneurship in disciplines outside of the traditional business education,” said Dr. Timothy Stearns, executive director for the Lyles Center for Innovation  and Entrepreneurship.

“The large number of faculty incorporating entrepreneurship across the campus places Fresno State as the national leader for interdisciplinary teaching of entrepreneurship,” Stearns said.

Coleman Fellowships are offered to faculty to support the development of curricula incorporating elements of entrepreneurship into an existing course or for the creation of a new course with entrepreneurial content in their academic discipline. Over 200 Coleman Fellowships have been awarded nationally at universities and colleges across the country The Coleman Foundation established the program nationally after the success achieved at Fresno State where it was started in 2005.

“Every area of study has the opportunity for entrepreneurship and the Coleman Fellows show their students the opportunities that are attainable to become entrepreneurs in their industry,” Stearns said.



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