CMAC Unveils State-of-the-Art Production Vehicle

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FRESNO – Members of the Community Media Access Collaborative in downtown Fresno, along with others, got a good look at the organization’s new High-Definition Mobile Production Vehicle, the only one of its kind in the area, Thursday evening.

Inside of the vehicle is what is known as a flypack, a box that holds all the electronics of a TV studio.  It is more powerful than CMAC’s studio housed in its downtown Fresno building with similar quality, said Andy Maisner, president of TV Pro Gear, the company that produced the vehicle.

Andy Maisner, president of TV Pro Gear, inside the Community Media Access Collaborative’s new High-Definition Mobile Production Vehicle. Maisner points out the qualities of the truck’s flypack. The vehicle is the latest technological addition that CMAC offers its members.

“That’s a really unique thing about our design, and it can be removed in five minutes,” Maisner said.

The flypack has six channels of instant replay and slow motion options with eight recorders, including a built-in Internet recorder for live streaming to the Internet.  It boasts a sophisticated intercom, with electronic virtual sets (for instance a sports stadium, church or concert hall).  The vehicle also holds Panasonic 2.2 megapixel cameras, which are connected to a fiber system that can go far away on a fiber camera cable.  The cable carries power to the camera, intercom, time code, and return video.

A separate box in the back of the truck holds items like the video cameras, cable reels, headphones, microphones and tripods.

“So with only two boxes you can shoot a sporting event anywhere in the world,” Maisner said.

TV Pro Gear has built 12 flypacks in the past two years for companies in various countries, including NBC.  CMAC members can check the new mobile production studio out similar to checking out pieces of equipment within the company’s downtown Fresno location, for an extra fee.

Jerry Lee, executive director of CMAC, said the choice to go with TV Pro Gear to put together the vehicle was an easy one.

“All of the bids came back comparable, but they had such a marvelous track record that we went with them, and we are very happy with the outcome,” Lee said.



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