Businesses Signing Up for UCP Day

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FRESNO – United Cerebral Palsy of Central California has started a movement known as UCP Day, an internal employee-based awareness and fundraising program for businesses, and is currently signing up businesses and organizations across the Central Valley to participate.

About 25 of them have already made a commitment to be involved in the fundraiser.  The City of Fresno, Clovis Chamber of Commerce, Kings County Office of Education and Manco Abbott are just a few names that are marketing the day of celebration of abilities, Sept. 27, to their employees.  Donations of $5 to $50 are suggested, and gifts of thanks are given out to all participants.

Barry Falke

There is no cost for businesses to participate, and each one gets their logo with a link to their website under the Current Partners section on

“So we really do have kind of a wide spectrum of organizations involved, and we are really actively recruiting a bunch right now that are about to sign up also,” said Barry Falke, director of corporate development and mission driven business for United Cerebral Palsy of Central California.

United Cerebral Palsy of Central California serves 1,000 people, children and adults, with various disabilities.

“We recognize that they too have something to bring to the table,” Falke said.  “Really UCP Day is about celebrating the abilities of everybody.”

The money the organization raises from UCP Day will go directly to its service programs.  Falke said 86 percent of every dollar raised in general goes to these programs, with the remaining 14 percent taking care of administrative costs, liability insurance and building costs.

Businesses and other entities can sign up to be partner organizations at  Falke hopes that this first UCP Day involves at least 100 businesses and raises $50,000 for the organization.

“We’ve really tried to create it to be something that’s fun, easy for businesses to participate in, but something we feel we can build over the next couple of years,” Falke said.


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