International Foreign Trade Experts Share Information with Fresno Food Expo Participants

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FRESNO – Fresno Food Expo and the Center for International Trade Development, State Center Community College District held a special export training workshop at Baker, Peterson & Franklin Tuesday morning to help Expo participants learn more about exporting their products to foreign lands.

Foreign trade experts from Mexico, Canada and China were on hand to speak to the local food and beverage producers and growers, giving them information about international buyers and what they are looking for.



“It’s an opportunity for California companies to come and learn about exporting, and see what opportunities there are for them to be able to expand into foreign markets,” said Alicia Rios, international and trade specialist for the Center for International Trade Development, State Center Community College District.

Many of the representatives from central California companies attending the workshop expressed interest in shipping their products to other countries, and those who already are it was a chance to learn about new foreign markets that have a growing need for what this area produces.

Marco Albarran Arozarena, CEO of Imalinx in Mexico, an international marketing consulting firm focused on food and beverage in Latin America, intended to learn more about the companies in the Fresno region so the Mexican buyers could better understand them.  Many participating businesses in the Fresno Food Expo are family-owned and easy to do business with, Arozarena said.  He also said the Mexican buyers will be in search of added value products, and not so much produce, and they sometimes discover local items they didn’t know were in the area.

“The Mexican buyers are very rational,” he said.  “They will look for price, they will look for value.”

Arozarena said this is their first effort in bringing international buyers to the Fresno Food Expo, which will have its third annual run on March 14, and sees their inclusion in the annual event growing.

“We think in the long-term it will be helpful for us, and for the show,” he said.

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