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Visa vs. Mastercard

Jun 25, 2020 No Comments by

This video compares two of the biggest names in credit cards. Including their size, how they make money, how they’ve evolved, and any differences between them.    

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Monster Energy – Switching Industries

Jun 24, 2020 No Comments by

Monster is the #1 energy drink in the United States, recently passing Red Bull which is no easy task. But they didn’t start by selling energy drinks. In fact, this company existed for years by selling different products, with a much different image than they have today.        

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Zoom – Why They’re Successful

Jun 23, 2020 No Comments by

Zoom Video Communications has not only found its way into one of the most competitive industries out there, they’ve become a leader of it. This video talks about how they did it while attempting to explain why they’re successful.    

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Bus airflow simulation helps researchers study how viruses can be spread in public transportation

Jun 23, 2020 No Comments

Clouds of white and pink smoke loom from the windows of a large Fresno County Rural Transit Authority electric bus in a Selma transportation yard during an airflow simulation study. Sitting inside — 6 feet away from one another — is a masked, multidisciplinary team of researchers and industry professionals working to understand how the [...]

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